William IV Pub and Guest in Norwich

       The William IV Inn.

                 The  Pub and Guest House in the Fine City of Norwich.

                William IV Inn

             The Loyalty Card.

William IV Pub in Norwich loyalty Card  scheme

Every time you purchase food or drink your loyalty card will be swiped and 10% of every

£1  will be stored on your loyalty card, save up your points and exchange them for food and drink.



          If a pint costs £4.00 your loyalty card will be swiped and 40p points will be added to it, this effectively

          makes your pint cost £3.60

          Once you have saved enough points exchange your points for free food and drink.

          Look out for special Loyalty card holders promotions during the year.

        Terms and Conditions

        1: The William IV Ltd Loyalty Card scheme can be terminated at any time with no notice given and no refund on points.

        2: The William IV Ltd can terminate any or all loyalty card(s) at any time with no reason given.

        3: The points on your William IV loyalty card have no monetary cash value.

        4: You cannot transfer points to / from your William IV loyalty card to another William IV loyalty card holder

        5: Only the card holder purchasing a drink or food will have points put on their card for their drink or food only.

        6: You do not receive points for other people buying you food or drink

        7: You do not receive points for you buying other people food or drink

        8:  Lost or unreadable cards will cost £5 to replace, your points are stored on our cash register,

         they will be put on your replacement card.

        9: You will not be able to redeem your points from December 21st to January 6th each year, you can collect points during this period.

        10: If your Loyalty card is not used by you within 100 days your points will be lost.

        Please contact us for more information or questions  on 01603 441526 / 07595 708 147 or pop in and see us at the bar